If you have gotten into using Unity’s “Tile Palette”, then you may have noticed that you cannot paint tile prefabs that have scripts, animations, colliders, or other various components that you may want your tiles to have. Say you wanted to add collectible coins, enemies, or spawn points throughout your levels and you wanted to do this as easily as you laid out your environment.

Well, natively “Tile Palette” can’t do this. But by downloading and installing the Unity Technologies “2D-Extras-Pack” from GitHub, you can do just that.

Click the link below to go to the Github page and begin…

This article directly coincides with my previous articles which can be found at the links below. I highly recommend reading them before reading this one.

And without further ado, here is how to use Unity’s “Tile Palette” editor.

[Pro Tip]

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can only edit tiles that are within the current “Active Tilemap”.

At the top of the editor, there is a series of selectable tools for you to choose from.

At the very far left we have the “Selection Tool” which when activated, allows you to select areas of the grid to view and edit in the inspector.

This article directly coincides with my previous two articles which can be found at the links below. I highly recommend reading them before reading this one.

Assuming that you followed along with my previous articles, then you are now ready to add your new “Tile Sprites” to your “Tile Palette”.

To do this, you must first create a “Tilemap” to build on. Simply right-click in the “Hierarchy” and select “2D Object>Tilemap>Rectangular”.

When you do this, Unity will automatically make a “Grid” object to put your new “Tilempap” under. …

This article is continuing off of my previous one which can be found by clicking this link :


Unity can easily import a tilemap, slice it up, and equip it to be used with a variety of modular tools. This will allow you to quickly put your levels together and customize them with ease.

To get started you will need a “Tilemap” of your own. This is just a set of individual terrain sprites. You can make your own, download one off of an online asset store, or whatever. …

2D game development in Unity is almost TOO easy with the “Tilemap Editor”!

You can create a grid and quickly/easily build out your level’s environment, place your enemies, objects, obstacles, etc in seconds! Let’s jump in.


The word “Tilemap” is given as a title to various “different” things and thus can prove a little confusing to those who are new to this so be warned.

To start, it’s important that you know a few things about how making a 2D game works…

For most 2D games, the level and environment graphics are made as a small square sprite called a…

If you just finished making a game and are ready to add a playable version of your build to your GitHub repository then just follow these few steps!

To start, you need to “Build” your game.

To do this, just select “File>Build Settings” and after verifying that your settings are correct, and your scenes are added, just hit “Build”.

GitHub allows you to store your backups in your own public/private repositories within their servers. But there is a limit to the size of the files that you are storing.

If you are needing to backup your project, but you are getting a git LFS error like this when you try…

Then you should probably use Git LFS!

Initializing Git LFS into your active project is easy!

To start, make sure that you have “Git Bash” installed. …

This is a common problem when importing assets online that were made by other people. It says that the file names are too long and that it is unable to process the path.

If you go to commit and see a similar error to the one in the example below then look at the bottom and see what it says.

Running, jumping, wall jumps, and now “Ledge Grabs”. These are all movement mechanics that can help the game feel more alive and interactable. Running is pretty basic and easy. Jumping is a little more complex as you have to incorporate physics /gravity into the equation. Wall jumps took things into a little more of a complex area with surface normals. But then there are Ledge grabs…

Grabbing a ledge may seem pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s actually pretty technical, and it may take some work to get it to look just right.

First off, I wanna say that a…

If you haven't seen my previous article on downloading assets off of the Unity Asset Store, I would highly recommend you do so before continuing on…

(see link below)

Once you have a humanoid 3D character model downloaded and imported into your project you can add animations to it for FREE and with little to no effort at all!

There are a number of different sources for you to browse online for access to things like this. Unity’s asset store has all kinds of both paid and free stuff. GameDevHQ offers a nice assortment of project assets through filebase. …

Adam Reed

Hi, my name is Adam Reed and I am a software engineer specializing in Unity and C# development. Feel free to scroll through and check out some of my work!

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