Developing A Boss AI For Your Game

Adam Reed
2 min readMay 9, 2021

Most games in the industry follow a certain path of progression. You begin playing, learn the rules, test your skills as you begin to understand and improve, and then face a challenge. Bosses are a very common example of the “challenge” part of this.

Bosses usually display stronger capabilities than the previously encountered opposition, they can contain elements from recent challenges that you’ve recently overcome, and they usually throw in something unique to make the encounter stand out.

For my 2.5D Space Shooter game, I built an enemy boss AI that utilizes rotating turrets that follow the player and fire randomly. It also has the ability to fire a SuperBeam of its own; similar to the rare powerup that the player can occasionally find.

The enemy consists of 3 parts that must be destroyed before it is finally defeated. First, you must destroy the two turrets which will then activate the collider on the ship's core. Once the core of the ship is destroyed it will kill the boss for good.

And with that, I have finished the development of my game! You can find the repository at:

Feel free to check it out!

Next time, I will be delving into The Exciting World of 3D Environment & Lighting!



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