How To Create A Cooldown System In Unity

A cooldown system is in essence, a timer. You are asking the system to freeze the ability for something to happen for (x) amount of time and then reinstating that ability.

To do something like that you could do a few things. One option is to use the “IEnumerator” coroutine and the “WaitForSeconds” function to allow for a set delay in which it will then wait for a certain amount of time before continuing on.

This can get expensive memory-wise if used too much though, so at times where it can be avoided, it is often better to go down a different route.

Another option is to use “Time.time” along with a couple of float values to create a measurement of time as it passes in relation to an action. Time.time is a measurement of how long the game has been running in seconds.

If you look at the code example below, you’ll see this logic used to create a time delay to control a player’s attack speed!

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