How To Create A New Unity Project & Back It Up On GitHub

When your finally ready to create your new Unity Project you should start by heading to and creating a new repository. You will be creating your Unity project file within this GitHub Repository file on your local machine so starting here can save you a few steps.

When you create your repository, you have the option to apply a “.gitignore” which will allow your repository to ignore cluttering files such as .meta files that really only take up space. To apply this, just select “Unity” under the git ignore options tab.


You can do this all directly from “GitBash” or “GitHub Desktop”, but we are going to be using GitHub Desktop in conjunction with for this tutorial today.

Now just open up GitHub Desktop on your computer and click on the “Current Repository” button on the top left of the menu interface. Then select “Add” and then “Clone Repository”. Make sure you are on the “” tab at the top and you should be presented with a list of all your repositories that are currently published on GitHub. Select the one you want to use and change the local path to a folder of your choice (I call my folder “Unity Projects” and I keep it on my desktop). Now hit clone, wait for it to finish loading, and hit the “Fetch Origin” button at the top of the UI.

Now last but not least, open up the “Unity Hub” application. Now select “New” and select either the 2D or the 3D Template option. This changes some settings, but you can always change them later so don’t worry. From here just name your project and select the folder that you just cloned from GitHub. Hit create and you’re done! You now have a fully functional GitHub backup of your new project and are ready to begin development!

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