How To Download And Import Unity’s “2D-Extras” Package Into Your Project

Adam Reed
3 min readJul 29, 2021


If you have gotten into using Unity’s “Tile Palette”, then you may have noticed that you cannot paint tile prefabs that have scripts, animations, colliders, or other various components that you may want your tiles to have. Say you wanted to add collectible coins, enemies, or spawn points throughout your levels and you wanted to do this as easily as you laid out your environment.

Well, natively “Tile Palette” can’t do this. But by downloading and installing the Unity Technologies “2D-Extras-Pack” from GitHub, you can do just that.

Click the link below to go to the Github page and begin setting this up now!

Once you have clicked the link just click the big green button that says “Code” and select “Download Zip”.

[Important Note!]

Make sure that the version of this that you are downloading matches the version of Unity that you are using. Instructions can be found on the Github page.

Extract this file by right-clicking it and selecting “Extract all”

Then once the file is extracted, simply drag and drop it into your project file, and you're done!

You should now have access to a variety of new brush and tile types that you can make and use within Unity’s Tilemaps!

Just right-click, then select “Create>2D>Brushes/Tiles…”



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